Family Values

Although a family can come in many different shapes and sizes, there is a universal meaning to the word and what it symbolizes. Whether your family is your spouse and children, your grandkids, your closest friend, or maybe your pets, family is what is most important to all of us. Family is where you go for unconditional love, for strength and for security. It’s where you share good times and get through the challenges that life can bring. You can always count on your family to be there.

That is why a home is so important. Like our family, it provides us with a comfortable, secure place where we can be ourselves, where we can dream and plan for the future while enjoying the present. The principals of Family Development take this meaning very seriously.

Having been involved in the design and development of thousands of homes over the past 20 years, every member of our team looks at each home that they build as if they were building it for their own family. Care and attention is given to each and every facet of the building cycle to ensure that the final product will bring its residents years of satisfaction.

From thoughtfully planned neighborhood designs to beautiful and functional floor plans, our homes are sure to provide families with that special place to relax and enjoy life.

We feel our commitment to family is what makes us unique and sets us apart. So, no matter how you define family, we welcome you and yours to ours.

"There are many parallels between home and family. They both require a solid foundation and are built with unconditional love, commitment and passion." - R. Herrera


We welcome you to learn more about the people we like to call “Family.” We are quite blessed to have each of these talented individuals on our team. Our family culture is pretty simple – we take all tasks very seriously while trying to keep a fun work environment. Positive attitudes create a positive work place which, in turn, leads to positive results!

Rudy Herrera



Rudy Herrera

Rudy Herrera


With a successful career spanning the last three plus decades, from condominiums to custom homes, from industrial tilt-ups to major commercial centers, Rudy Herrera has been involved in the acquisition, financing and building of an incredible assortment of real estate products. This broad range of experience has helped Rudy hone his skills to focus on the core of Family Development's business - homebuilding. Believing that the best transactions are those where every party benefits, the "art of the deal" is where Rudy's passion lies.

For Family Development, Rudy uses this passion and expertise to find, acquire and finance the "blank canvases" for the company. A go-to entitlement expert, Rudy assembles the planning team and works closely with each member to ensure the company's projects are approved in as timely a fashion as possible.

To reach Rudy, please email

Vincent Barbato



Vincent Barbato

Vincent Barbato


With a degree in Psychology from UCLA, starting a brokerage in 1986 that specialized in new home sales when interest rates were hovering around 12% might not have sounded like the wisest choice of career paths, but it proved to be the best foundation that Vincent Barbato could have ever received. In 15 years, by working closely with builders both large and small to develop dynamic and successful sales and marketing programs for all new home products, Vince was able to build his company to become one of the largest in the United States, eventually selling the firm to Prudential New Homes. Over that time, Vince became a nationally recognized speaker and expert on new home sales, design and marketing.

For Family Development, Vince utilizes his 30+ years of experience to design everything from land plans and architecture to marketing campaigns. To do so, Vince spends much of his time researching and listening to homebuyers to learn their values and incorporate them into each design. Under his guidance, Family Development has received every major design accolade from Gold Nuggets to Project of the Year awards.

To reach Vince, please email

Raymond Herrera



Raymond Herrera

Raymond Herrera


Being involved in all areas of the construction business since the early '80's, Raymond Herrera literally built his 30-year plus real estate career from the ground up. Knowing how to take apart things as well as put them back together has provided Ray with the foundation to understanding and perfecting construction systems. His extensive knowledge and understanding of the construction process allows him to ascertain how to build each product in the most efficient and highest quality manner.

This expertise has been extremely beneficial to the Family Development team where Ray oversees all bidding, purchasing and construction. Further benefit comes from our front-line forces who are motivated to work under the guidance of a man who not only understands their craft, but appreciates it as well. Happy people build happy homes.

To reach Ray, please email

Robert Bishop



Robert Bishop

Robert Bishop


With a 30-year track record of success in the construction industry, Robert Bishop's passion lies with mastering the details. A few years after starting as a craftsman in the construction field, Robert was called upon by an up-and-coming construction firm to help them create the solid infrastructure of the company. Under Robert's diligent guidance and systems, this relatively new company of two partners blossomed into a major player in the construction business with hundreds of employees and projects nationwide. After a number of years, the entrepreneurial world called, leading Robert to create his own successful private construction company.

In 2009, Family Development was fortunate to gain Robert as a full partner in the firm. For Family Development, Robert brings his years of proven systems and management to oversee all internal construction operations and staff. Under his thoughtful guidance, Family Development has the assurance of each venture being built on time and on budget.

To reach Robert, please email

Antun Barbato



Antun Barbato

Antun Barbato


Entering the new home brokerage business upon graduating from UCSB, it did not take long for Antun Barbato to establish himself as one of the industry's top sales experts and leading Sales Managers. An expert in evaluation, Antun was able to perfect the art of bringing out the best in sales people's personalities to meld with the systems that he developed to obtain sales success. Such success has led to the sale and closing of more than 5,000 homes.

For Family Development, Antun brings this proven expertise to each community. Beyond sales, Antun has applied his skills and systems to thoroughly evaluate the financial viability of each venture taken on by the Family Development team. The proprietary systems he has developed are fast becoming the talk of the industry. Under his meticulous watch, each detail of every community can be properly evaluated and managed.

To reach Antun, please email

With such diverse backgrounds, each of the five Principals of Family Development utilizes their particular talent and specialized skills to oversee one of the critical stages of the development process with all of the partners providing their invaluable input along the way. This hands-on approach allows each partner to utilize his passion and expertise with the entire team, providing an excellent system of checks and balances at every level.

The success of any company ultimately lies with its people. In creating a company culture that includes happy, talented people driven by passion, Family Development is able to consistently produce positive results with every project.

"We are all different but bound by our common passion to deliver beautiful homes that will stand the test of time. Beyond respecting each other, we are all so grateful to have each other as partners." - R. Bishop


Since its formation in 2003, Family Development has earned an excellent reputation as being the preferred residential homebuilder in California, Arizona and now, Texas. Throughout its history, the company has built thousands of homes in some of the most desirable communities while developing land for many more residences in these states.

In addition to this activity, over the years, Family Development has garnered numerous industry accolades awarded by the Sales & Marketing Council (SMC), the Building Industry Association (BIA), the Desert Contractors' Association (DCA) and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

Best of the Valley
Gold Nugget Awards
John Burns Real Estate Consulting
Home Builders Association of Central Arizona
"Having the ability to give back to our community is one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences of all of our lives." - A. Barbato


Outside of their development business, the principals of Family Development place a strong commitment to working with local charities to share their success with those that need it the most – families. Although market conditions have certainly experienced drastic ups and downs since its founding, Family Development’s commitment has not wavered in the best of times or the worst.

When the real estate market was at its all-time peak, Family Development built the Home With A Heart. Organizing over 200 workers from 80 different companies, Family Development built a four bedroom home from the foundation up in just 52 hours over one amazing weekend. Once it was completed, it was auctioned to the public raising over $400,000 for two local family-centered charities.

When Olive Crest began the search for a partner to help them realize their dream of building the Coachella Valley Children’s Center, they reached out to the entire building community. When the other volunteer builders backed out of the project due to adverse market conditions, Family Development agreed to take on the entire project.

In addition to these efforts, Family Development continues its active involvement in charitable work each and every year.

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