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We all understand the advantages of owning the latest in technology, from cell phones and computers to televisions and even washing machines. These same advantages can be found in owning a new home versus a used one. Your home is not only one of the single largest investments you’ll ever make from a monetary standpoint – it also plays a huge role in your quality of life!

The advantages of purchasing a new home versus used are remarkable. Did you know that a new home built today is, on average, 30% more energy efficient than even a used home built five years ago? Don’t just take our word for it…feel free to click on some of the following links and see what the experts have to say.



We have all owned homes that sure looked amazing when we finished building or remodeling them. The flooring was the hippest texture and color, the appliances were the latest and greatest, and the design theme was cool and relevant. Then, with the passing of time, just as in fashion and technology, everything changed. Now there are cooler colors, better designs, and more exciting features! That brings us to the following questions…

We have all owned homes that sure looked amazing when we finished building or remodeling them. The flooring was the hippest texture and color, the appliances were the latest and greatest, and the design theme was cool and relevant. Then, with the passing of time, just as in fashion and technology, everything changed. Now there are cooler colors, better designs, and more exciting features! That brings us to the following questions…

We have all owned homes that sure looked amazing when we finished building or remodeling them. The flooring was the hippest texture and color, the appliances were the latest and greatest, and the design theme was cool and relevant. Then, with the passing of time, just as in fashion and technology, everything changed. Now there are cooler colors, better designs, and more exciting features! That brings us to the following questions…


  • Should we completely gut the home and start over?

    Remodeling is always an option, but it’s best to budget a lot of time, money and expertise to the task. It is critical to start by finding a reputable contractor that you can trust, as there are a lot of moving parts involved in the process and you do not want to be taken advantage of.

    Make certain that your contractor is licensed in your state and familiar with the city in which you live, as there will be a lot of coordination that needs to take place between you, the contractor and the city. Also, if you live in a community with a homeowner’s association, contact them immediately to access their approval guidelines to be sure you are in compliance.

    Once you navigate through the city approval, permit process, and HOA (if applicable), ask your contractor to supply you with bids from at least three different vendors for each trade involved to ensure that you have the proper information to get a fair price.

    We recommend adding an interior designer to your team. Working with a designer can help you avoid a lot of mistakes. A great designer can also alert you to upcoming trends so that your remodel doesn’t appear dated a few short months after completion.

  • Our flooring, cabinets and appliances aren’t at the end of their life cycle, how can we trash them?

    This is a very common dilemma, but when remodeling you will want to update these as well. Some of the items being replaced can be donated to charities or to the work crews who do the removal. It’s like updating your wardrobe – clothes might be in good condition, but are out of style, so you donate them.

  • Do I really have the time, energy and money to go through the hassle of remodeling?

    The answer to this question is up to you. A major remodel typically takes 6 months to a year – sometimes longer. However, most remodels take TWICE as long to complete as planned and cost double than what you budgeted.

  • If I decide to remodel, will it really look like the latest styles?

    The answer to this depends on the extent of your remodel. If you are simply updating countertops, cabinets, appliances and flooring, you can typically make some good headway. Just be sure to find a “stopping point.” That is, in remodeling people often start by thinking that if they just change the countertops, their kitchen will look cool. But then, they realize, new countertops beget new cabinets, which leads to new flooring, and paint…and you get the idea.

    Aside from finding the stopping point, another challenge comes from the effect the architectural components of your home can have on its overall design. The differences in the design of much older homes from those of today are glaring. But even homes designed and built in the ‘80s and ‘90s have major challenges. Rooms were designed to be smaller and more compartmentalized than they are now. New treatments cannot really change these facts.

    Kitchens and family rooms back then weren’t designed as the center of the home. Today, they are built to be large, open and fully integrated spaces to make socializing with family and guests easy and fun. Master bedrooms, now referred to as Owner’s Suites, are incredibly different today than those designed 10 years ago. Today’s Owner Suites have large closets and luxurious baths. Even archways, moldings and built-ins that were designed in homes built as late as 2012 are now considered outdated.

    You can still watch your favorite program on your grandmother’s cabinet TV, but it won’t have the same experience as watching it on the latest high-definition flat screen. Similarly, you can update an old home to look better, but chances are you cannot match the look of today’s new homes. And you certainly will be hard-pressed to make your old home as energy efficient.

  • Do we keep our home and hope the style comes back?

    To answer this question, it might be best to open up your high school yearbook and journey back to simpler times. Do you still rock that same jacket with the shoulder pads? Are you wearing your hair the same?

    Like technology, styles evolve. We might see shoulder pads again, but they will be slightly tweaked to look even cooler rendering your Talking Heads jacket obsolete. Sure, there are classics in every genre. If you own one, cherish it. If not, get with the times. It’s your choice, and no choice is wrong or right, it’s just simply that...your choice.

  • Do we skip the remodel process and buy a brand new home with all of the state-of-the-art features we crave: the latest designs, technology, energy efficiency, and a warranty?

    Well…obviously =)


If you are looking to simplify your life with a smaller, easy to maintain home, let us start by giving you a sincere “Congratulations!” You have come a long way since your first home! And as we all know, life changes and with these changes, it is best to adapt.

If you find yourself living in a home that is too big for your current needs and perhaps a yard that is too large and takes too much time and expense to maintain, what are your options?

There are a few choice builders who have been specializing in building retirement communities for the past 4 decades. But, what do they offer? Nice enough homes, but are the amenities right for you? Can you imagine playing shuffleboard and doing pool aerobic classes? Perhaps this would work for grandma, but not for a lot of us!

At Family Development, we understand.

You want a smaller home, but you have to have an open kitchen and great room.  You want a 5-Star Owner Suite experience for yourselves and a great junior suite for your guests.  You want a third room just to do whatever it is you want to do - watch TV, work out, read.  You want all of this, but it needs to be in a setting that is super-easy to maintain.

You don't want a large home anymore, but there are certain factors where you just should not be asked to compromise.  You must have an outstanding location, preferably with an awesome view and it should be close to all of the things that you love to do.  You deserve quality construction and the finest state-of-the-art features.  And, of course, the design has to be authentic and timeless.

We get it!

If any of these sentiments resonate with you, we welcome you to visit our collection of communities that were designed specifically with this easy, low-maintenance lifestyle in mind.


Congratulations! You’ve reached that period in your life when it’s time to make grown-up decisions…and where you live is one of the biggest. What was true for our grandparents and those before them is still absolutely true today, owning a home is one of the most important avenues towards creating personal wealth.

According to a recent builderonline.com survey, 90% of current homeowners and 75% of non-owners still believe that homeownership is part of the American Dream. But, perhaps more so than ever, the challenge of buying that first home can seem rather daunting.

Yes, you want to own a home, but you still want to have some fun! The thought of owning a home in the suburbs just does not have the same appeal that it did to our parents. We know you aren’t ready for long commutes and dinner for four at a chain restaurant! You probably want to raise your new family in a safe environment, but also eat at the latest, cool restaurants and still be close enough to work to avoid daily traffic.

At Family Development, we understand.

We welcome you to visit our communities that are designed with this lifestyle in mind. You’ll find that these communities offer outstanding homes at a great value with loan programs that make owning them achievable. And, you will really love their locations!


While renting served its purpose after graduation, the time is now to become a homeowner. Buying a home offers more than just freedom to decorate in your own personal style, it means investing in your future, building equity as your home increases in value. Owning a home means not worrying about rent increases, as most mortgages are a fixed-rate. You also will benefit from tax deductions for interest and property taxes. And ultimately it brings the pride of homeownership and being a part of the community.

Our knowledgeable sales agents understand this big decision and that everyone’s situation is different. Student loans, credit card debt, and down payments, they’re all factors to consider when buying a home. We are here to help and work out a plan that best fits your financial situation. Between first-time home buyer loan programs and lender incentives, we can help make the transition from renting to owning a breeze.

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